Apr 1, 2019

“It’s breathtaking. It’s beautiful. I would totally recommend Ray. Even where he took us- the setting- was unique. The whole thing was unique!” I’m excited to share, Natalie’s family portrait. a portrait she said she hasn’t had in a long time. But, I get it. Sometimes with kids and work, life just gets away from […]

Jun 27, 2018

In case you were wondering, we see it a lot. Pinterest is a wonderful thing full of inspiration, recipes, and great ideas. It also has the ability to be anxiety inducing and set expectations too high- especially for new moms. I guess there is a lesson to learn from it in a way. Those picture […]

May 10, 2018

What can I say, Moms are awesome!  They make you feel secure, happy, and provide unconditional love.    Tell me what you remember first about your mother. I think we all recollect a first-time memory of Mom. Maybe it’s just her voice or maybe something she was wearing.  I believe that I was around age […]

Mar 20, 2018

Traditional Portraits Tradition : A tradition is a belief or behavior passed down within a group or society with symbolic meaning or special significance with origins in the past. What do this mean to you?  Do you partake in tradition? I think that all of us at some time or another practice tradition. It’s important […]

Feb 19, 2018

It was just a “flash” when I can remember my children being this tiny, time does not stop.  As a father,  raising my children I sometimes feel that I didn’t give them enough attention. I was working hard to provide the things a family needs.  We did however spend quality time together, fishing, camping, and […]

Aug 3, 2017

“A photography session with Ray Baldino for my teens was just not an ordinary photography session, but an experience with great photography as a result.” – Carol-Ann Meet Zachary and Amanda, siblings who came into the studio to have their portraits taken. What makes these portrait sessions so special is that even though they are […]

Jun 23, 2017

It was so lovely to have Cassey and her adorable little girl, Sadie, in the studio. You can tell already that they are going to have such a special relationship. We asked Cassey to share a little bit about her experience. She and her husband, Ryan, were married in 2015 and gave birth to their beautiful […]

May 16, 2017

Scott is such a cool, dynamic, and fun kid. He’s artistic, smart, witty, and a fantastic musician. To capture the many different facets of his personality, he spent the day at the studio in some different looks. Some show off his love of his violin, some his love of luxe. (Think Sherlock meets James Bond.) Then you […]

Aug 27, 2015

We were so happy to have Veronica and Mike back into the studio. Their first portrait featured the two of them; the young couple together. When they returned recently, it brought us great joy to meet their two children: Christina Jade and Michael James. “We wouldn’t go anywhere else. He’s the go-to guy,” said superstar […]

Apr 16, 2015

Living in Cocoa Beach, most of my photo shoot locations end up by the sea. The Hammond Family mixed it up, and took their Florida-style family portrait to a new location! These images embrace the southern-chic aspects of the state, almost as if they were hanging out in one of our many great groves. While […]