I'll tell you a secret...

i've been working as a photographer for many years. along the way i was helping my clients with photos and more. i started to design their business cards, brochures and marketing materials. i didn't realize at the time, but i was creating their business marketing plan. i was always thinking of great ideas for them, i guess it's part of my dna. i've always considered myself to be a seer, a visionary, a person that assembles ideas. i never thought of myself as a marketing person; i was always too frugal to hire a marketing firm for my own business so i did it myself. i've been doing this for years and just recently discovered that i am "that person"- the one who will put your ideas in words and pictures. i just needed to tell you that.

i'm not sure if its a special gift, or what, but i do this....and do it well.

did you know we can                                                              or feeling through the branded image?
– recording artist album covers and videos.  

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create sound 

does your company need an                                                   including logo?
design, brochures, consistent looking headshots, and how about your own news network?  

image change

do you need to build membership                             and loyalty?
– display photographic branding.  


do you need familiarity or name                                           ?
– photo branding will set you apart from the competition.  


do you need to create or enhance a branded                                              ?
– wall images can inspire and stimulate the clients.  


do you need a recurring campaign that maintains a                                                    for your company?
– draw the reader in with ever changing photographic curiosity?  

familiar brand 

there are several types of photographic branding. it depends on the type of business you own. together we can determine what photographic branding plan works best for your business. for example;

why my business?

one day while photographing shay rowe (owner of mercedes, audi, porsche dealership), i came up with a great idea  to  market his line of cars using  children into an ad campaign. 
 i thought it was cute to allow kids to be adults and putting them into an adult environment setting. i made the story cute, which i felt would draw attention to the readers looking at an ad that was different and new. he loved the idea and we were very successful creating ads for the entire line of cars.

recurring branding

it could be a magazine cover, postcard, or social media placement. having a brand that's recognized is the key to successful marketing. i have designed over 500 magazine covers over the last 15 years, i feel that i have a natural understanding of how the look should be. it has to captivate the reader, and prompt them to pick up the magazine to explore what's inside. a boring cover will never succeed. 

 a realtor  had me promote him with marketing. i've designed his logo, his magazine, his direct mail campaign and photographed him for highway billboards. he's number one in this area. 

providing at least seven or more impressions to the audience is crucial, i will always say that you want to make your brand synonymous with your look or logo. you want the audience to remember. 

recognition branding

this example is for morale and loyalty, this is so important when it's time to boost membership, employees and such. i was asked to create the porsche calendar about 8 years ago, and my biggest challenge was always trying to figure out what to do next. as an artist , i never want to recreate the same look, it sometimes becomes boring and has no punch. the 2022 calendar i added a bazar/whimsical theme. i always have creative license, especially when i donate my time. this is the biggest fundraiser of the year, just another way to boost morale. 
another example of loyalty is to involve the employees of your company  be part of a themed photoshoot which would used for display.

morale & loyalty branding

passtime, an international gps tracking company approached me for re-branding. they first wanted a new logo design, but then decided to have me re-do the company brochures and trade show displays. i discovered they were sponsors of the ferrari race team. this led to much bigger and better branding. i photographed the race cars and designed hero cards for the race car drivers. i presented an option to create a "news network" for them. they loved the idea. this was called PNN "passtime news network". the rebranded logo and associated video greatly stimulated sales. 

make over

i've always been involved in music,  i love creating the album covers for recording artists. i believe that i can use my artistic eye and knowledge of music to create a sound or feeling through images. 

burning bridget cleary is an irish band that i have photographed for , i documented the band's road trips to ireland . i used my ear for music and my eye for pictures to bring together the art and sound for a music video.

i also had the pleasure to befriend tony macaulay. everyone knows this guy, world famous for 17 number 1 hits. Look at the picture...do you hear the music play? 

boots randolph came into my studio several years ago- here for jazz fest cocoa beach. he didn't realize that our session scheduled for a simple headshot would become the photograph for his next album cover. through the years he was known to wear suit and tie. i saw him like i heard his music...energetic jazz. i talked him into wearing one of my shirts and my sunglasses. the rest is history. he appeared on the johnny carson show several times to play his famous saxophone song 'yakety sax".

music branding

use wall art in your business to create a branded atmosphere. surround your customer with corporate headshots, products you sell or images of the owners. amici's, a fine italian restaurant, displayed the typical italy art prints. they really don't make the best choice; everyone knows it's stock art. i created multiple pieces of beautiful wall art depicting the owner's family at the dinner table. that says it all. it makes all the customers feel like family, eating and drinking at the establishment. surrounded by the family portraits makes everything become reality.

canaveral port authority asked me to create very large painted images depicting the life at the port, along with the port comminissors. these images hang proudly in the main corporate office.

a-west was a challenge. first i designed their company logo. next, i photographed their industrial products- products housed at the kennedy space center. making industrial electrical boxes look good was very difficult. these large images stand proudly in the a-west corporate center to be displayed by all potential clients. 

create the atmosphere