Meet Master Photographer, Ray Baldino, owner and operator of Baldino Studios in Cocoa Beach, Florida. When he isn’t behind the camera, he can be found with his wife, Maureen, and his three children. His oldest daughter, Mary, works side by side everyday with him in the studio.

He has been featured in the Professional Photographers of America’s International Loan Collection five times, and on the weekends can be found tinkering in his garage, or relaxing with his dogs enjoying a cigar. He has a fondness for sixties vintage styles and western fashion. It wouldn't be strange to hear that Ray was traveling to find his next cowboy hat or auto accessory. 

Ray and his family’s commitment to the community has led to gifts and donations that exceeded over $100,000 last year alone. He has published two books. The first was Brick by Brick which included the many celebrities of Brevard. The artwork was featured in the Brevard Art Museum. 


His second book, B Pink, featured over sixty breast cancer patients and survivors, capturing their journey. It became a tool in the breast cancer community, and a gift of hope to those newly diagnosed. 

He has completed over 50 magazine covers including Space Coast Business and Space Coast Living. His portraits can also be found in many local businesses including the Parrish Medical Center, Harris Corporation, Universal Studios, and the Port Authority building.

We invite you to stop by the studio and meet the family in person, check out the gallery, and get to know all that we do!

“With an engineer’s mind, a musician’s soul, and an artist’s eye, Ray Baldino turns ordinary images into cherished masterpieces. He is known for his interesting approach when it comes to classic portraiture by including methods of painting and design that make every single one of his photographs unique. He can take any subject and find the most beautiful, captivating, and interesting aspect of it and capture it in an image that can never be replicated.”


Ray Baldino


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Ray Baldino  lives in Cocoa Beach with his beautiful wife and two dogs. His favorite food is ravioli. He loves a martini and a cigar. Family portraits are his favorite. 




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Mary Baldino has been working with her father at the studio for 8 years and playing in his office for 30. She loves a good bourbon and pizza. Beach portraits are her favorite.




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