Aug 27, 2015

Family Photography by Ray Baldino | A Growing Family Returns

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We were so happy to have Veronica and Mike back into the studio. Their first portrait featured the two of them; the young couple together. When they returned recently, it brought us great joy to meet their two children: Christina Jade and Michael James.

“We wouldn’t go anywhere else. He’s the go-to guy,” said superstar dad, Mike.

How has life changed having children?  “If the kids can’t go, we don’t go.”  They are family-fun oriented now! It’s great to share new experiences with inquisitive minds.

Five year old Christina Jade is adorable. She likes to play tennis, does gymnastics, is quite the artist, plays the piano, swims, and spends time at camp. When she’s not keeping the family busy with her adventurous activities, she love spending time with Granddad and Grandma.

Three year old Michael James follows in his big sisters steps. He plays tennis and does gymnastics as well! He is also a swimmer. (What an accomplished three year old!) His favorite of all may be his love for the Ninja Turtles.

The two siblings are very attached and caring towards each other. It’s quite adorable and Ray could feel that special bond when he photographed them.

The family spends lots of time together, especially at Disney. They take the trip to Kissimmee often, visiting some of their favorite characters like Sophia, the Frozen cast, and the members of the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Asked if they had any advice for other families that are planning to get a family portrait taken, they said the best bet was to, “Just listen to what [Ray] has to say. He told us what we needed to do. Let him work his magic. I don’t want the control. I want him to do what he does the best. And, he is the best!”

“Once its done you will have it forever. We can look back and treasure it. Hopefully, when we are 80 years old, and the kids will cherish it and take it. Everyone that comes to the house compliments it. We call it our masterpiece. We still walk in and go ‘ooooh.’ If the house was burning down, we would grab the portrait. Well, first the kids and then the portrait!”

This funny and lighthearted family is a pleasure to spend time with.

We certainly look forward to having them at the studio again. Thank you, Veronica and Mike, for allowing us to share your story!







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