Apr 16, 2015

Family Photography by Ray Baldino |The Hammond Family’s Country Chic Portraits

Living in Cocoa Beach, most of my photo shoot locations end up by the sea. The Hammond Family mixed it up, and took their Florida-style family portrait to a new location! These images embrace the southern-chic aspects of the state, almost as if they were hanging out in one of our many great groves. While the boys kept it classic, the girls pulled together the whole image with their cowboy boots. Sometimes kids can be a little camera shy. As you can see by these photographs, the adorable trio was far from that. The instinctive playfulness and friendship between the siblings never faded between each snap of the shutter. They’re a great crew!This_is_a_color_photograph_of_a_family_used_as the _main_portraitkids run towards in field kids run brown border This_is_a_photograph_ogf_three_children_running_in_a_field-away_from_the _camera This_is_a_photograph_of_three_children_leaning_on_a_fence This_is_a_photograph_of _two_sisters_hugging_their_older_brother This_is_a_photograph_of _a_young_girl_leaning_against_a _gate

This_is_a_portrait_of_a-family_holding_hands_and_looking_into_the_sunset This_is_a_photograph_of_a_family_sitting_on_a_gate_ This_is_a_photograph_of_a _family_posing_on_an_empty_streetThis_is_a_photograph_of _a _couple_hugging

girl on fence boy sits




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