Feb 19, 2018

Just Five Minutes ago… | Children’s Professional Photography by Ray Baldino

It was just a “flash” when I can remember my children being this tiny, time does not stop.  As a father,  raising my children I sometimes feel that I didn’t give them enough attention. I was working hard to provide the things a family needs.  We did however spend quality time together, fishing, camping, and visiting the mountain house. I remember Maureen packing up the suburban with everything including the hamsters, and they head up to the mountains one hour after school was complete. They would stay there all summer long and we would come home the day before school started again.  I would go up each weekend to enjoy our family and to relax. Now my three kids are all grown up. My oldest, Mary,  just had Tommy (6months) and NOW she is having another…wow.

Five minutes ago, I was raising my kids, now I’m playing with my Grandkid Tommy.  I feel that I have more time to enjoy the grandkids now, even more than my kids. Maureen (my wife) is head over heels over Tommy, …. “it’s all about Tommy” …and that’s nice. I am so happy that she’s happy.  So, I had the opportunity to photograph his six-month birthday. Maureen and Mary were there to basically setup everything, and I just pushed the button on the camera.

I look back now and see how hard it is to be a parent, lots of work!!!  I guess when you are in the “parent” mode, you just do it. Now that I’m older and wiser I see thinks much more clearer and can appreciate the family so much more.  I’m really proud of Maureen, she raised the children so well, and I am so proud of my three children, there are just GREAT!
















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