Feb 4, 2018

Revisiting Art | A Personal Project By Ray Baldino

My great friend Wayne Coombs that has since passed once said to me “isn’t it nice to revisit art.” At first, I didn’t understand until he showed me. There’s been times when I re-visit a client’s home and I get to see their family portrait that I did years ago, and sometimes I look at it and say to myself “wow, that looks pretty good,” and it’s not because of my big head. It’s because whenever I complete a piece of art I always think it can be better, so I’m always striving to set a higher bar for myself.

You know, we are our own worst critics. I tend to be hard on myself, thinking that my finished work isn’t good enough.

So, a while back I shot a magazine cover of a beautiful women named Cynthia (she’s beautiful inside and out) in her long red dress, and I really was never totally pleased with my finished product. I was a little embarrassed but I submitted it anyway.  Most of the time for commercial work, deadlines are critical, and I have limited time to create.  Wayne also said to me that this type of art is “forced art” and I get it!

Creative people don’t like “Forced Art.”

I went back in my archives and revisited her images again and for my own pleasure I decided to recreate a different image of her for ME.  Today I get to share with you my thoughts, feelings, and my finished portrait of Cynthia.




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