Aug 28, 2019

I’ve been working with Ray through community events and professionally for over 10 years. He is always giving back and has done so much to support my personal endeavors with that perfect head shot. Ray and I had a blast brainstorming for this photo shoot. I’m so pleased with how he captured my family’s personality. […]

Jul 2, 2019

Meet the Welton Family The Welton family was recently approached by Sandie with Viera Living Magazine about being their cover family. We have never had a professional photograph taken of our current family of four! The last family portrait we had taken was before Scarlett was born.” Melissa Welton The couple are the owners of […]

Jun 7, 2019

I’ve always had a “thing” for Airstreams. The look, the nostalgia, and the personality that it brings to any camping trip. If you’ve followed the blog, you know that I’ve been doing a lot of traveling and have been fortunate enough to be pulling my own “Flying Cloud.” Recently, it inspired me to do a […]

Apr 1, 2019

“It’s breathtaking. It’s beautiful. I would totally recommend Ray. Even where he took us- the setting- was unique. The whole thing was unique!” I’m excited to share, Natalie’s family portrait. a portrait she said she hasn’t had in a long time. But, I get it. Sometimes with kids and work, life just gets away from […]

Mar 29, 2019

I have recently become friends with one of my remarkable clients, John O’Steen. As we were getting to know each other, I learned some amazing things about his life and wanted to share them with you. I met John while shooting the 2019 Space Coast Porsche Club Calendar. Each year the Space Coast Chapter of […]

Sep 16, 2018

It’s so exciting when the whole family has time to get together. Grandma and Grandpop are always doting over the kids. (Guilty.) You get to spend time with your siblings and cousins, which are basically built-in best friends. When everyone gets together, you know its going to be fun. The laughing never stops. The running […]

Aug 24, 2018

Is it trickery? Is it real? In this digital age, with the tools provided and the skill of your craft, you can create just about anything your mind wants to invent. I have to give credit to my great friend Thom Rouse. He is a Master Photographer and an expert in his visionary artwork.  He opened […]

Aug 10, 2018

I want to congratulate my daughter Mary for her second round of motherhood. We love her so much and we love Tommy. He’s 1 now.  We are all sitting and watching closely as the clock ticks away, maybe minutes, hours or a few days… she’s right around the corner. I was astounded by the ultrasound […]

Jul 5, 2018

Play time, personal projects; call it what you may.  In my opinion, I think we all need to make time for personal creativity.  This is a special time, either alone or with a friend, a time to open your mind to new ideas without deadlines and without pressure.  I’ve always been a “motor-head” or a […]

Jun 27, 2018

In case you were wondering, we see it a lot. Pinterest is a wonderful thing full of inspiration, recipes, and great ideas. It also has the ability to be anxiety inducing and set expectations too high- especially for new moms. I guess there is a lesson to learn from it in a way. Those picture […]