Sep 16, 2018

The Wilborn Family Portraits | Family Beach Portraits by Ray Baldino

It’s so exciting when the whole family has time to get together. Grandma and Grandpop are always doting over the kids. (Guilty.) You get to spend time with your siblings and cousins, which are basically built-in best friends. When everyone gets together, you know its going to be fun. The laughing never stops. The running jokes are so old, you can hardly remember where they started, but they make us laugh every time. At least, that’s what it is like for my family.

Family is SO important.

When I met this family, they had the same funny, friendly, close relationship that I have with my family. It brought a smile to my face. I’m so glad that I could make that memory last forever!

“Ray went above and beyond. He captured our family as we see and feel it. We are blessed with a wonderful family. Every time we are all together, we feel so blessed. So much love and we laugh about old memories and new. I see this in our pictures. When I look at he pictures, it brings a smile to my face.” -Jackie Wilborn




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