Sep 8, 2014

Recently, Ray took an exciting trip to Monterey, California to photograph Aston Martin cars and the races with a good friend and client, Stan. He had such a wonderful time meeting the race team, the CEO of Aston Martin, and being surrounded by one of his favorite things:  fast cars. He was even lucky enough […]

May 19, 2014

  Meet Alan Vinson. He is a professional haberdasher that has a keen eye for style, color combinations, and making sure each one of his clients is dressed in an original, classic, and well fitted outfit. It was great having Alan into the studio. His flare for fashion made the shoot so much fun! It […]

Feb 13, 2014

A flashback from 2012! This was Ray’s first music video for the band Burning Bridget Cleary, a traditional Celtic band from the outskirts of Philadelphia. It was such a pleasure working on this video.  

Feb 7, 2014

As I was looking through the studio’s YouTube account, I had realized that there was something I  had never shared! Last year, we produced a music video for the band “Burning Bridget Cleary,” a traditional Celtic band from the outskirts of Philadelphia. You’re sure to enjoy the catchy tune!  

Feb 6, 2014

You may have seen our previous announcement about the work that we have done with the Space Coast Porsche Club to raise money for Candlelighters of Brevard. They put together this great calendar to raise money for the charity which focuses on aiding families with children with cancer both financially and emotionally. These are the […]

Oct 3, 2013

Jun 27, 2013

It’s down to the last lap. Tires are screeching, and the crowd is going wild. It’s neck and neck…and just as the last second, Tom Kirk takes his Porsche all the way. The man’s a champion; a racing god. Alright, alright. Maybe I took that too far, but it just goes to show you that […]

Feb 19, 2013

Willis has a charming yet bad boy look to him that makes every girl go weak at the knees. There was no way that Ray could photograph him wearing a stiff suit and tie, sitting in a tall chair. He worked with Willis to create images that truly were “Willis” by mixing classic portrait styles […]

Feb 18, 2013

With less than an hour on the clock, Ray had to capture great pictures of phenomenal DJ (and good friend) Colione before his international departure. No sweat for Ray. He knocked this one out in record speed, while still capturing the cool and trendy attitude of the upcoming DJ superstar.   <3 Mary