May 19, 2014

Ray Baldino Cocoa Beach Photographer | Commercial Head Shots and Suits


Meet Alan Vinson. He is a professional haberdasher that has a keen eye for style, color combinations, and making sure each one of his clients is dressed in an original, classic, and well fitted outfit. It was great having Alan into the studio. His flare for fashion made the shoot so much fun! It was really important that these images not only looked professional for his social media and website, but also expressed his certain style. The head shots are classically posed but still very modern, with the following images showing the design of the suits and the small details that Vinson puts into his work. It was so interesting to watch Ray and Alan work together during this shoot because they both pay such close attention to detail, and lets be honest, both have a serious obsession with fashion and good suits. Suit Up!



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