Apr 19, 2018

Giving Back | Supporting the Women’s Center at Bourbon, Cars, and Cigars!

Giving Back…

As a business owner for the past 30 years, you learn to do certain things in your business to succeed. At least, that’s how I roll.  A couple of these things: paying your creditors on time, keeping in good communication with your clients, and giving back to charity. Now, you can’t give to every charity, however, I suggest you pick a couple of charities that have personal meaning to you and support them.

I was taught a long time ago that giving back is important. It creates good feelings and it also helps out the charity that you support. Whether it’s providing your time, money or your in-kind donation, your “investment” can go a long way.  In my business donating in-kind means that I provide an item to either be raffled or auctioned, thus allowing people at an event to bid or donate towards the in-kind item, and of course all the proceeds go to that charity.

Baldino Studios has been supporting several charities over the past 15 years, however one of my favorites is the “Women’s Center of Brevard.” They strive to address the needs of women by giving them a step up towards safe, healthy, self-sufficient lives, and the people who run the organization are awesome!

One of my favorite things to do is to have a few cocktails and a cigar among friends.  And, if you already know me, you know my love for cars.  So, this brings me to an event tomorrow night hosted by the Women’s Center of Brevard. It’s called “Bourbon, Cars, and Cigars.” I couldn’t ask for a better party!  I created an in-kind auction item for one of the live auction items.    

(Click the image above to check it out!  I’ll see ya there!)

My dear friends Tony and Jill Finley posed for me so I could present an example of my auction item.  Tony loves to have a smoke and a drink. (Maybe that’s why we’re such great friends!) Jill is the sweetest person you’d ever meet and to top if off she’s also an awesome mom!

I hope to see you at the event… and don’t worry “you nonsmokers.” I will bring fake cigar props and you can pretend!

Adios, Amigo!




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