May 2, 2018

My Recent Journey | Ray Baldino Visits San Antonio, Texas

Life is a Journey!

A journey can mean a couple of things.

For instance, it could be a mental journey, a physical journey, or it may be both at the same time.  I recently visited San Antonio, Texas for one thing: to get my hat.  I’ll explain shortly…

We all go through phases in life and sometimes they call it “mid-life crisis.” However, I never felt that is was a crisis. I think of it as a phase.  So now, I’m working on my 17th “mid-life crisis!” (You would think that we only have one or two in our lives…not true.)

So, my latest endeavor was going to Texas to get my hat- my cowboy hat.  I’m a big fan of western wear and I’ve been sporting cowboy boots for many years and just recently had the craze to wear a hat too.  So, about nine months ago I was watching one of my favorite shows, American Pickers. Mike and Frank (the main hosts) went to Paris Hatters, a custom hat shop in San Antonio, Texas.  They shape and mold your custom hat to your look and build.  I went crazy and decided to venture out there. Yes. Just for my custom hat. You have to look up Paris Hatters. They’ve been around since 1917. Movie stars, rock stars, and even the Pope have been there, buying their hat.

It just so happened, my visit was during their 300-year anniversary call “Fiesta.” It wasn’t planned, but amazing. We visited the Alamo, the Texas Ranger Museum, and had many great dinners at the “River Walk.”  If you’ve never been, I say go! It’s a great town! I met a real Texas Ranger there who was a remarkable guy. The Texas Rangers are in lieu of State police in Texas. They can dress however they want, but they are required to wear a hat, holster, and boots.

So, I’ve decided to move to Texas and be a Texas Ranger. NOT! Maureen won’t let me…

(mid-life crisis # 18)

Maybe there’s a part of Texas in all of us. I don’t know. Although, I think that maybe I was a Texas Ranger back in a past life…. Were you there too?  Leave your comment.





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