Apr 3, 2018

Motherhood. When does it start? | Maternity Photography by Ray Baldino



When does it start, when does it end?

Today’s photographs are of a good friend of ours, Crystal.  We have done many projects together over the years including the “B-Pink” breast cancer project.  Crystal has such an outstanding personality. You can’t help but to love her after just meeting her.  Crystal is also blessed with being able to speak in front of large audiences. I usually choke-up and feel dumb, even if I have to speak in front of three people. She’s helped me out a lot in the public speaking department.

Friday last week Crystal came for her maternity photographs and she also brought in her mom, Brenda, to celebrate motherhood together. Brenda is just as beautiful as Crystal, inside and out.  You can tell that they have a very close relationship and Brenda is super excited about her new grandchild. (I know the feeling. My daughter Mary gave birth to Tommy eight months ago and now she is having a little girl, due in August.  I can’t keep up….so I know being a grandparent is very exciting!)

While Crystal was having her makeup and hair styling done by Vanessa Maxwell, (Vanessa is awesome, she’s been with me for 6 years) we had a nice conversation about motherhood. I’m not sure what prompted this, however Crystal said, “that motherhood starts as soon as you become pregnant.”

I never realized nor thought how true that statement was and

it hit me like a ton of bricks.

That statement really stuck in my mind. I’ve said many times to various expecting ladies, “you’re going to make a great mom,” and never really thought to say that “she is a great mom now!”  I guess it’s a mother’s instinct to nurture the unborn child, protecting and providing proper nourishment, even before birth.

Mothers are strong, committed, determined to provide everything for the children and are always putting the children first before anyone and everything.

I know this first hand… I was #1 for a little while, now I’m #8…. Three kids, grandson, future granddaughter, two puppies…. and then there’s me…

Motherhood NEVER ENDS!




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