Jan 18, 2018

Life Is Short | Couples Photo Session by Ray Baldino

Whenever I get asked to photograph a couple, whether they have been married for many years or maybe it’s an engagement…it doesn’t matter, I love doing these photo shoots, it’s amazing how much love is in the air, romance spilling and soft touching, these make awesome lifetime images.

Relationships are very special, whether you’ve been married for 50 years or you just met another, the connection is real…it’s a gift from God.  Sometimes you just need to embrace the moment, no sense in turning away from it, go head on and make history together.  I usually don’t ramble on with about this “sappy” stuff, however its inside all of us. Live each day with love and happiness.  LIFE IS SHORT.

Just recently I met a couple Tabitha and David, they are great people, fun, lovable and easy to be with.  They just recently got married and unfortunately had a little rain on their special day, so they didn’t have an opportunity to do the “romantic images”.  Whenever I shoot a wedding I always make sure that I photograph all the details…cake, tables, jewelry…and so on…you get it.

But most importantly the romance shots, which ultimately are the keepers.  So, we went back to their special place to recap the images. And I must say WOW!!  What an awesome photo shoot, it got a little steamy out there…..

I hope you enjoy these!


Taken at Up The Creek Farms in Malabar, Florida





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