Jan 22, 2018

“You and Me” – A Personal Project | Ray Baldino of Baldino Studios

A couple of years ago I had the opportunity and privilege to video tape my son Vince here in the studio.  Everyone always brags about their children; however, I must say that Vince is a super talented musician.  He left for LA a few years ago to “make it big” out there and being so young I thought that LA would just chew him up and spit him back to Cocoa Beach in about 6 months. Well he’s still pushing hard (like a Baldino) and I am proud of him for that, as I am with all my children; they’re all great kids!

So, the other day I was re-visiting the music video and decided to include a few video clips from the “Romance Couple” Tabathia and David’s photo session, you may have seen on my last post.  I think the song lends itself to being a thought provoking piece with a romantic feel, and I know that it touches my heart every time I see it. I hope that you will enjoy it too.

Not too sure why I keep embracing this “romantic thing” … maybe because Valentine’s day is approaching… anyhow, enough of that…HAVE A GREAT DAY!



Featuring : Tabitha and David

Location: Up The Creek Farms

Music and Performance: Vince Baldino




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