Jan 16, 2018

Look Out 2018 | Personal Photography Journal

Goodbye 2017!

I have to say that I’m glad it’s over.  This is going to be my first official post that “I DO” on my own, so no editing, no perfect grammar, just ME.  I’m really not a good writer, however I will try to make my posts going forward easy to read, hopefully entertaining and most of all, from within.


This year I’ve made some personal promises to make changes, one of which is writing my photography journal stories based on my personal experiences and I will also be sharing my learnings of my craft with you as well.  My goal (amongst others) is to write a new post each week.  So, if you want to tune in…that’s great!


Last night from I returned from a PPA annual conference and Expo, I was staying at the Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville, what a great place to visit!  I sat thru many teaching programs, lectures and meet some wonderful people, new friends, teachers and old friends…you get it.  Most of all NEW IDEAS, I am super charged within!


Along with spending some bucks for new equipment and backdrops at the show, I am returning with a change in my thought process, which is most important of course.  It’s crazy how meeting a few people can actually change your course in life, opening up to new ways, reinventing, but most of all, to be yourself.  Everyone has a way to express themselves, it so happens that photography is mine.  I’ve committed to create more of “my work” which has been on the backburner for a year or so.  I’ve committed to have a play day several times a month, which will allow me to be in my own world, exploring my techniques, trying new stuff!


So, lookout 2018…I’m on fire…





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