Nov 18, 2014

We Love Our Clients! Family Portrait Delivery!| Inside the Urso Family’s Home Viera Florida

Sometimes we get so caught up in our daily lives, that we forget to slow down and enjoy the little things. I am absolutely culprit to this behavior. It’s always, “I have to go do this,” or “make sure I’m there for this.” Rush, rush, rush.

Well, last week we had the opportunity to slow it down a bit, and spend some time with the Urso family at their beautiful home in Viera. You may remember them from their nautical photo shoot that I just adored! Last week, as you could see on the instagram, we took pictures of their children at their home for a very exciting project. (It’s still a secret!)


Well, while we were there, we also brought the prints and the albums from their photo shoot and asked to capture their reaction, as well as get some quick snapshots as to how some of the images would be displayed in their home.


The wonderfully welcoming family invited us in, and it ended up being a wonderful day. We all slowed down and took a few minutes to appreciate the adorable family and the images that Ray captured. So, I wanted to take another moment and say, Thank you. We are so incredibly grateful for our clients, our friends.






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