Oct 17, 2014

Family Photography by Ray Baldino Cocoa Beach, FL | A Growing Family!

You may notice a familiar face in this family portrait for those who follow our blog. Amy has done so many shoots with us including the vintage selfies, vintage boudoir, baby pictures, maternity picture, fashion boudoir…. well lets just say that Ray and Amy have a creative chemistry in the shooting room, and she is a STUNNING model.

But… let’s be honest: her and her husband, Stan, make some good looking children and THEY were the real show stoppers during this photo shoot!


Look at his little suit! Having the kids in the studio was so much fun!


What I think is the cutest about the picture above, is that it truly wasn’t planned. Amy was having a mini maternity shoot while the kids played and got ready for their family portrait. Well, Nola decided that mom had to share the limelight. It was just the cutest thing, and I’m sure this will be a picture they will treasure for such a long time.

blue dress

Isn’t she adorable.


He is just the CUTEST! And that outfit is just icing on the cake. I love how the shirt has photos, cameras, and postcards.


Another one on the way!


Every time I  see this picture, I laugh. She’s so funny, and it reminds me of the millions of bucket hats that I wore in the 90’s so I could look like Blossom. She’s got her own style, and it’s great!




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