Jul 2, 2014

Painted Family Photography by Ray Baldino Melbourne Florida | Dinner and a Party!

Ray Baldino’s family photography is now on display in Amici’s Italian Restaurant in Suntree, Florida. The wonderful Amici family commissioned Ray to create four portraits for their restaurant. Once the images were finished, they were placed on display for all to see. If you know the Baldino family you know two things:  we will turn everything into a party and we LOVE our Italian food! (And trust me, the food at Amici’s is SO GOOD!)



This is Chef Dave. This image was actually taken while he was cooking dinner for a group of our friends. He knows his way around the kitchen! You can find this photograph hanging over the bar in their Suntree location.

blogcouple family-photography-in-m,elbourne-florida-by-ray-baldino-this-image-is-a-painted-portrait-of-a-family-and-their-two-children-and-grandmother-eating-a-traditional-italian-meal

The photograph above is by far my favorite. The family dynamic was really captured in this image. When you walk into the restaurant, this image is the center on the main wall.

So, for the big reveal, we all hopped in the party bus and headed to Amici’s. It was also Ali’s birthday which made the trip extra special! Happy Birthday, Ali! We love you!

_DSC0083 _DSC0086

From left to right: Jenny, owner of Juice N Java Cafe in Cocoa Beach, Ray’s Wife, Maureen, and Ali, the Birthday Girl!


The wonderful staff at Amici’s set up a beautiful large table for our group, right in the main area where the photography is located.

_DSC0091 _DSC0094 _DSC0097 _DSC0099Chef Dave’s wonderful family! It was so nice to be able to spend the wonderful and exciting night with them.

_DSC0105 _DSC0111 _DSC0114 _DSC0116 _DSC0119 _DSC0123





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