Jul 14, 2014

Wedding Photography by Ray Baldino Cocoa Village, Florida | Set Sail for Romance!

Ray baldino Wewdding Photographer in Cocoa Bbeach Florida Captures Amy and Michaels Wedding Photography in Cocoa Village Florida

This wedding…what can I  say about this wedding. It was gorgeous. The entire boat was filled with love. Getting to capture their wedding photography on the Indian River Queen in Cocoa Village was such a pleasure. This couple was so much fun, and the bride, Amy, was nothing but a bundle of smiles and laughs. It was a beautiful evening, and these newlyweds were just as beautiful. This photograph was taken on the top deck of the boat just as the sun was setting.



The bride and groom, Amy and Michael had a very special first dance. It was perfectly coordinated, and it ended up with Amy being twirled in the arms of her new husband!





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