Nov 18, 2015

Ray Baldino in the News, on TV, and more | A Recap of Exciting Months


The past few months have been BUSY and we couldn’t be more thrilled.
I wanted to spend some time recapping our past few weeks and showing you some things you may have missed (and some pictures we forgot we even had)!


Maureen and I had a blast at the Cattle Baron’s Ball with her sister, Marge and her husband, Ed, as well as our friends, Stan and Amy. Maureen won the auction for some cool belts and hats. Cattle Baron's Selfie


IMG_2987Our amazing friends, Dale and Linda, took us to the Mark Knopfler concert. It was one of the best concerts I have been to in my entire life. We were so close, and his music is phenomenal. If you don’t know who he is, it’s one of the brothers from band Dire Straits. He also produced film scores for amazing movies, as well as had eight other solo albums. He’s worked with everyone in the industry like Bob Dylan and Sting. Let’s just say that if you get the chance to see this man in concert..GO! Thanks again, Dale and Linda. It was awesome!





Maureen and I were on TV! We woke up early in the morning and went to Orlando to the WESH station to talk about the B Pink Project. It was our first time on TV and it was really awesome! (We weren’t THAT nervous!) The two hosts, Michelle Imperato and Stewart Moore, were great and we were so excited that they chose us! If you want to watch the video, click this link right here: WESH NEWS: Ray and Maureen Baldino

IMG_2953 IMG_2947  IMG_2940 IMG_2937 IMG_2935 IMG_2933 IMG_2932 IMG_2930

IMG_2758Speaking of B Pink, Maureen and I went to the Breast Cancer walk at Port Canaveral. It was a really nice event. Maureen was excited because Golf N Gator (and their cheery mascot, Al) brought a real gator! My wife is a brave one! You won’t catch me walking around with a gator in my hands. The weather was great and it was nice seeing so many people!







Speaking of animals, (and Maureen carrying animals in her arms…)IMG_2522 2

We got a new puppy! Her name is Fifi

She is a fluffy little princess that is getting spoilt by the wife. (You can probably tell by the amount of accessories she has in that picture.)

She’s a  has spent a few days hanging out at the studio. When she’s not laying in your arms, on your shoulder, or asleep on top of the desk, she’s in front of the camera. She had a photo shoot after her trip to the groomers. (I guess that cool dog portrait I completed last week made my own dog jealous!)She’s a cute dog…and she’sFullSizeRender
definitely a girly-girl. The boy dogs like her too. The big ol shepard watches her like a hawk, and the chihuahua has dropped some habits. (Maybe to impress her.)





IMG_2324We threw a really cool gallery at Millefiori in downtown Melbourne. I completed over a dozen images of the “Dark Angel,” a gallery concept I came up with. If you want
to see the one giant piece, it’s home is in the Millefiori lobby, and it looks great there. The owners, Iris and Kyle, are so kind and we all came together and threw a killer party! It was masquerade themed, and the costumes everyone came up with were astonishing. I was having too much fun to take a bunch of pictures, but Mary had this one on her phone. She wore one of those cool gothic asymmetrical fluffy skirt, and our friend had a full working steam punk look. Literally…the eyewear blew steam! (If he looks familiar, go and check out the Edward Scissorhands shoot he did last year.)


IMG_2829We threw another party at Cocoa Beach Health and Fitness! We completed images of some of the gym’s most accomplished athletes. They had been covered for the week, and on that Friday night we had ripped off the curtains and everyone got to see their image. It was really cool. The locals that we featured deserve to be in the spotlight. They’ve dedicated themselves to a particular lifestyle. It was great getting to know each and every one of them (that I didn’t already) and creating masterpieces for a place and people that deserve to be celebrated.


We also went to PA and New Jersy to visit with family and friends. It’s become our fall tradition. It’s nice to see everyone, bundle up, and see the changing leaves. But, nothing beats the Florida weather. It was a great few days, but I was ready for the sun! The Halloween party was a blast, and we even got to recreate the image below. How fashion has changed!



This isn’t even close to a full recap! We have so many more exciting things going on, and we are already starting our very busy holiday season. I’ll try to not to neglect the blog as long, but when you’re enjoying life and working hard… you know how it goes. Can’t write about memories if you’re not making them!






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