Feb 25, 2015

Family Photography by Ray Baldino | The Samuel Family Portraits


Meet the Samuels family! This wonderful family of four had a blast at their beach portrait session. Ray had the wonderful opportunity to capture their family and get to know about the Viera residents. If they look familiar, it’s because they were a spotlight and cover in the Viera Living magazine!

“I wanted a family portrait for a long time,” said the gorgeous mother of two, Rhonda. “Our family is so busy and all over the place, but we just had to commit to it.” I thought that Rhonda’s advice was great to the busy families. It sometimes becomes overwhelming to take some time and think about something like a portrait. It might seem like a lot of planning, but other than picking a location and the clothes you will be wearing, it ends up being only a few hours of your time, resulting in a treasure you will have for a lifetime.

“I really wanted a portrait at the beach. I love the beach. It was really great! My portrait session was really good. Ray was laid back and made him [husband, Selwyn] relax. My husband isn’t a big photo guy, and Ray made him feel good.”

I asked the busy mom what she would give as advice for other families and moms that were considering fitting a portrait session into their busy lives.

“Just do it. Don’t wait! He makes you look good. He’ll make you look gorgeous. It’s art. It’s not just a family picture. It’s a work of art.”


Thank you for your kind words, Rhonda! We look forward to having you at the studio again soon!


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