Mar 10, 2014

Ray Baldino Cocoa Beach Photographer | Motivation Monday


Surprisingly enough…this was my fortune cookie this weekend. While I could have found something proverbial or an excellent quote, this fortune cookie actually got me thinking. We live in a world defined mostly by money and not moments; by the size of your house and not the size of your heart; how fast your car can go and not how quickly you can lend a helping hand.  I’m not saying everyone is dominated by these things, and I’m sure those positive things are still part of your life but sometimes those things go unnoticed. It had me thinking about my own life, and the life that my parents had set up for me. I didn’t grow up with a successful photographer. I grew up with my father being an engineer, and a very good one at that. But there comes a time, where you have to create happiness, and stop pursuing. It was in creating happiness that our families life changed, and he began this business, and will continue to make it grow because part of our happiness is creating for you and making your experience a happy one.   Have a wonderful day!



  1. ray baldino says:

    thank you Mary … very beautiful! – we can learn a lesson from this


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