Jan 14, 2014

Ray Baldino Cocoa Beach Photographer | Skip the Flowers and Candy! Valentine's Day Boudoir Promotion

Valentine’s Day can be tricky for everyone!
Ladies: We know you want to get your man something great, but the holidays weren’t very long ago and there are only so many shirts one guy needs! Here’s a chance to give him something he already loves: YOU! You can give him a great boudoir image or you can even up the ante by creating a personalized album. The best part: it’s a really fun experience for you! You’ll both be happy about this gift!
Fellas!: Candy and flowers are great, but everyone gets them. It’s not personalized, and there are way better options out there! For example, giving your lovely lady a great experience! The best part about it is that you get to see the gorgeous image after!

So Ladies and gents, hurry up and book today!




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