Jun 27, 2013

Baldino Captures Big Win!

It’s down to the last lap. Tires are screeching, and the crowd is going wild. It’s neck and neck…and just as the last second, Tom Kirk takes his Porsche all the way. The man’s a champion; a racing god.

Alright, alright. Maybe I took that too far, but it just goes to show you that your portrait can transform you into a fantasy, and get your mind going.

It may have been a fanatical win, but Tom Kirk really is a true champion. He’s conquering things left and right with his trust sports car, like being the president and CEO of First Wave Financial, and as the Treasurer for the Space Coast Region Porsche Club of America.

You can check out this image in the next issue of Velocity magazine, for all my Porsche loving fans out there.

Have a great day!


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