Jun 7, 2018

My friend, Ercan, of Green Turtle | Professional Portrait by Ray Baldino

My friend, Ercan. 

We first met at an event about 16 years ago. I was photographing and he was catering the food.  We both were just starting out in our careers and the thing that I admired most about Ercan (pronunciation: ERH-jaan) was his genuine kind nature. He is also such a giving person.  I never met someone more polite.

His demeanor is what a gentleman should be.
I think we should all be that way. The world would be a better place. 

We’ve been friends ever since then and have seen each other many times during the course of our profession.  Over the years, I have had the opportunity to photograph him several times and he prominently displays his portraits on the walls of the beautiful and delicious “Green Turtle.”  I am sure most of you know of this great food market on Eau Gallie. If not, then you MUST go there. He is the Master Chef that prepares the food- and the food he makes IS AMAZING. 

You’re a great person Ercan and I am honored to be your friend!

Ercan knew that I was writing this blog post and he asked to include a write-up of his own….


“Where do I begin… I met Ray 16 years ago. He was a great talent then as well. It has been a privilege to watch him grow as a professional artist over the years. His proficiency is amazingly astounding. He is a well-disciplined portrait artist who sees and reaches the depth of the soul of the person he is photographing. The technique he uses captures the lighting just right to help portray your story ever so meticulously.

I have had the pleasure of sitting for Ray on many occasions. In our latest collaboration he was able to photograph me in a beautiful Mediterranean style kitchen doing what I love. The results were perfection. I feel so blessed to have these incredible works of art to document my career throughout the years.

His creativity, personality, personal energy, and passion for his craft are unparalleled and that reflects in every frame of his work.

Not only have I commissioned Ray for my professional portfolio, but I also had him capture my father-in-law as well. His patience and extreme attention to detail make the end result one of pure beauty. The portrait will be a piece my family cherishes for years to come.

I am very honored to call Ray a friend. Not only is he a fantastic master photographer but he is also genuine, authentic, warm and is just an all around amazing human being. His unmatched creativity, work ethic, integrity and limitless talent are truly a gift. I look forward to working with Ray for many years to come.

Thank you for sharing your amazing gift with us all.”


Make sure to check out the Green Turtle Market!




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