Apr 18, 2017

Musician, Hunter | Ray Baldino Professional Studio Portraits

We decided to mix it up a bit and let Hunter tell you a little bit about himself and his photo shoot. Enjoy!
My name is Hunter Isbell and I am a bassist and music educator based in South Florida. I teach K-12 music at Space of Mind in Delray Beach during the day, and I perform a variety of musical styles at night. I’ve performed countless genres with multifaceted jazz musicians, latin musicians, and a handful of Rock and Roll Hall of Famed artists. I graduated with a degree in Commercial Music, and I enjoy creating records. I am now at a point in my life where I need to capture myself in the moment and reflect on how far I’ve come; there is nothing better than a photograph to tell that story.791

I first met Ray Baldino at his studio in early 2017. My initial reaction to his creative space was jaw dropping. I had never seen such a clean and unique style from any photographer I’ve ever met. Some of his work resembles that of a high chroma oil painting with theatrically dark shadows and a central focus on the individual. His other works are luminous and evoke a feeling of radiant happiness. At that moment, I had never imagined myself represented in this medium of fine photography. I was certainly excited to trust Ray’s technique to create my own professional photographs.776


His space was welcoming and displayed a remarkable level of professionality. Ray sat me down and guided me through his process and what I had to bring to the table to pull off a successful photoshoot. He explained to me that the pertinent goal of a personal photoshoot, is to play the part and emotionally invest yourself into each shot. For the first time in front of a camera, I allowed my emotions to become intimately involved. I believe that it makes a significant difference, because you are not taking a basic picture; you are creating meaningful art.


We toyed with numerous backdrops to match the clothing and personality that I was seeking. We tried the traditional black backdrop for the classical poses and a grungy brick wall to represent my casual side.

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I would recommend any musician to invest in beautiful photographs because it is a great way to promote your image, and it is also a valuable treasure that will remind your future kindred of what you’ve done with your life.

My overall experience with Ray was enriching and enjoyable. Do not settle for a phone picture. Take a chance and collaborate with a seasoned artist and merge your creative vision with theirs. I am looking forward to go back to Ray in the future for additional pictures.





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